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The costs for a web site are of two kinds, standing and variable.

Standing Costs

1    Domain Name registration and administration

These are the fees for the registration and administration of the internet address e.g. by a domain name registrar. The registrar is responsible for making sure the domain name is entered into the correct central databank and for checking on its validity periodically and whenever a change is made. These fees currently amount to about CHF 20.00 annually for a “.ch” domain.

2    Web Hosting

The monthly fees for web hosting services. This is the "rent" you pay to have your web site placed on an internet server, where it is made available to the online world. In addition to the disk space required, most web hosting companies offer extended services such as interfaces for individual program modules, combining both kinds of service into a hosting-packet. The monthly fees  of a reputable firm currently amount to CHF 12.00 - 30.00, depending on the size and complexity of the web site.

Variable Costs

1    Consulting and production costs normally negotiates a package deal for the design and production of a web site, leaving consulting costs on a per-hour basis at the rate of CHF 65.00.

2   Follow-up work

Once the site is up and running some maintenance work is usually required, such as updating, adding extensions or redesigning. Such costs are set on a per-hour basis, an hour’s work currently costing CHF 65.-. If, however, it is a major job, a package deal is once again negotiated. This way the work-price ratio remains flexible and favourable for both parties.

Expected Costs for a Web Site