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Microsoft's main English-language site; choose your country from there... Microsoft’s anti-virus and anti-malware program Defender is integrated into Windows 10. You no longer need the pre-packaged Kaspersky, McAfee, Norton, etc. products and their recurring costs.

HyperSnap by Hyperionics is probably the best screen-capture program on the market. Programmed and continuously developed since 1995 by Greg Kochaniak, it has virtually every capture possibility, interfaces with a scanner and and has some useful graphics editing features. The fact that captures can be saved in 12 different formats like png, jpeg, bmp but also as a pdf file make the program extremely useful.

One way I use the program is to capture web pages when buying over the Internet. It makes for added security because the actual buying process can be documented step by step.

LibreOffice  – a free, open source office suite running under Windows, Mac and Linux; it is totally compatible with Microsoft Office. For various language editions, use this link: Other Language Editions

Firefox – most popular non-Microsoft browser; open source, free, probably today's best browser; for extended choices: Firefox Downloads

Thunderbird – Mozilla's star email program for Windows, Mac and Linux in over 50 languages; free and probably one of the best email programs available; wide choice of spell check modules – Canadian English and Swiss German, for example; possibility of integrating the Mozilla Lightning calendar module; extended choices: Thunderbird Downloads

Ubuntu – complete application-packed Linux operating system with most of the software used in the home or small office; open source, free, in over 20 languages. The Swiss support forum: Ubuntu Swiss Team


SPAM is an American canned meat product marketed in 1937 by Hormel Foods. Since it could be kept for long periods of time, it could be found in all the allied counties, where meat was scarce during World War II. It was presumably the Monty Python sketch in 1970 that led to the new definition of spam as undesirable advertising material that lands in your mailbox whether you want it or not. These two links can lead you to further information: (can on the left) is pure SPAM publicity; the YouTube link to the Monty Python SPAM sketch (can on the right) is, of course, not ad-free, and may even be outdated by the time you click on it; sorry about that, but you can find it on YouTube easily…

Spam – not just in your inbox