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1. Web Site Content

The author does not guarantee that the information in is complete, up to date or correct. The author accepts no liability for any damages whatsoever that may be related to using the web site

The author reserves the right to change, amend or delete any information contained in at any time without prior announcement.

2. Copyright and Labelling

The author endeavours to respect the copyrights of all graphic elements, pictures and texts used in In principle only materials produced by and for are used.

All trademarks and product names used in that belong to other organizations remain under the conditions set out by their respective registered owners. The fact that they are mentioned in does not mean that their owners’ rights are in any way waived.

The copyright for graphic elements, pictures, texts and names - in particular HelperDave, and - remain the sole property of the author of Their use - copying or publishing in any way - is prohibited without the author’s written permission.

3. User Data Protection

Should the possibility be given for entering Data (names, email addresses, etc.) within the web site, entry of such data remains completely voluntary on the part of the web site user. The privacy of such data is respected by as far as is lawfully and technically possible.

The use of data contained in by third parties to distribute unsolicited information is prohibited. The author retains the right to take legal action against any parties neglecting this prohibition and using information contained in in spam emails.

4. Legal Validity of this Exclusion of Liability

This Exclusion of Liability is an integral part of the web site

Exclusion of Liability

Data Protection does not collect user data with cookies. However, the website is registered with Google, who can collect user data and follow user behaviour. Using your browser’s do-not-follow (tracking protection) function is recommended.

Although user information can be passed on or sold to others, considers such practices unethical. All user information kept completely confidential.